Custom LED Neon Signs No Minimum

Custom LED Neon Signs are a popular choice for businesses and individuals looking for a unique and eye-catching way to promote their brand or decorate their space.
At Signs&Logo, we offer a wide range of custom LED neon signs, including both standard designs and fully customized options. Signs&Logo uses high-quality material and the Latest LED technologies to make sure the custom LED neon signage delivers the impact you’re looking for. Contact us today to start creating a sign that’s perfect for you.

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LED Neon Signs
LED Neon Signs
LED Neon Signs
LED Neon Signs

Uses of Custom LED neon Signs

Signs&Logo makes LED neon signs for multiple uses, indoor and outdoor, in both commercial and personal settings.

  • Business signage
  • Event signage
  • Home decor
  • Restaurant and bar signage
  • Retail displays

Why Custom LED Neon Signs?

More Energy Efficient: LED signs use much less energy than traditional incandescent lights, as much as 75% less energy. They also use less energy than neon signs.

Last Longer than Incandescent Lights: LEDs can also save you in replacement costs because they can last 25 times longer than regular incandescent lighting.

Better for Outside Applications: LED neon signs are waterproof so they are great for both indoor and outdoor signage.

More Visible in Sunlight: LED lights are usually more visible in sunlight so they are a better choice for outdoor applications.

Custom LED Neon Signs Manufacturer
Custom LED Neon Signs Manufacturer
Custom LED Neon Signs Manufacturer
Custom LED Neon Signs Manufacturer

Easy to Work with Signs&Logo for Your Projects

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Why Choose Signs&Logo?

At Signs&Logo, we specialize in designing and producing custom signage that is tailored to your unique brand and needs for more than 15 years. Signs&Logo makes custom signage for different people from different industries with a wide range of styles and materials, including illuminated signs, 3D signs, metal signs, and more.
The experienced designers in Signs&Logo will work with you to create a customized design that reflects your brand’s personality and values with the latest technology and materials to ensure that your signage is of the highest quality and will last for years to come.

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“I am a Signage designer from the UK, I have customized signage in Signs&Logo since 5 years ago. Signs&Logo is a very professional signage manufacturer in China. I am very happy to work with them, the R&D department usually gives me professional advice about technology to improve my design.”

Oliver, Designer

“We buy the outdoor custom signage from Signs&Logo for a long time. Signs&Logo is one of our main signage suppliers for us. we are very happy to work with them, cause they provide us with a competitive price with great quality products. For urgent projects, Signs&Logo always is the first choice for us.”

Benjamin, Contractors

“I am a buyer from an architectural design studio in Germany, and in charge of purchasing the hotel door number and ADA signs. No matter how complicated the signage design is, Signs&Logo can always find the corresponding processing technology to help me realize it. I am very grateful for their support.”

Amelia, Design Studio

Custom LED Neon Signs

Share the idea or the design of your Custom LED Neon Signs, and we’ll get you the digital mockup within 24 hours.